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Flights to Australia

Travellers in search of a journey to remember will find flights to Australia the perfect gateway to its unique landscape and devil-may-care attitude of its inhabitants.

The Lure of the Land Down Under

There's more to Australia than its golden sunny beaches, although these are certainly a star attraction.  This country features a diverse range of activities for thrill-seekers and those just looking for a way to relax. Australians are notorious for throwing a party and knowing how to have a good time, and you'll feel at ease as you explore the majestic terrain and urban charms that this destination has to offer.

Must-See Attractions

The rugged beauty of nature is Australia's calling card. The wide open skies of the outback are seemingly infinite, where you can enjoy brilliant sunsets in your vast surroundings. Uluru or Ayers Rock lies in the centre of the country, changing colours in fascinating patterns and providing a central point of interest. Australia's beaches are legendary for their perfect waves for surfers, particularly along the Gold Coast. You can sneak a peek at an underwater coral paradise with diving opportunities at the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.  View aboriginal rock art in Kakadu National Park, hike the sand dunes and explore the rainforests on Fraser Island, and go skiing in Victoria and New South Wales.

Australian flights also offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with its unique inhabitants, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and dingoes. Visitors can go whale watching, swim with dolphins, and visit the protected fauna on Kangaroo Island.

Although you could spend months exploring Australia's natural terrain from coral reef to snow-capped peak, its cities are nothing to sneeze at.  Sydney offers iconic sights like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour and close proximity to the wineries of Hunter Valley. Melbourne is a capital of laid-back cool, filled with boutiques, hidden bars and sidewalk cafes tucked away throughout its well-kept streets.

Travel Tips

- If warm weather is your primary objective, the best time to book Australia flights would be during the summer months of December to February. However, with such a diverse climate, it's always perfect weather somewhere in Australia.

- Those planning on enjoying popular extreme sports like bungee jumping, abseiling, or skydiving should take out a travel insurance policy that covers these activities.

- Australia's warmth provides a perfect breeding ground for nasty flies and mosquitoes, so don't forget your bug spray.

Flights to Australia

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