Author: Janet Newenham

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Love and kind gestures aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, they’re for every day of the year. But nothing will top whisking your loved one away for a romantic city break in Europe this Valentine’s weekend!

10 of the best family holidays on a budget for 2019

Looking for the best family holiday destinations of 2019? Be it jetting off to Orlando for a week of roller coasters and theme parks, exploring waterfalls and blue lagoons in Iceland or searching for pink beaches on the island of Crete, here’s our pick of 10 destinations that are sure to impress the little ones.

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Where to go on holiday in January 2019

Once silly season has ended and the reality of the miserable, Irish winter sets in, the only sensible solution is to escape to the sun! From long weekends in Miami or Morocco to balmy beach breaks in Jamaica and Costa Rica, here’s our picks of where to go on holiday in January.

Best places to see the Northern Lights in 2019

Do you dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis in 2019? Experiencing the extraordinary colours of the Northern Lights in the night sky is on many a bucket list, but where and how can you see this otherworldly phenomenon? Here we share tips about the six best places around the world to experience this incredible natural phenomenon.

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How far would you go for that perfect pint of Guinness? So that you can enjoy all the comforts of home when you’re on your holiday, and see how true to the home country they are, we’ve found the top 12 Irish pubs on the planet.