Author: Rebecca Males

Escape the cold this Easter – 10 cheap flights for April breaks from €45

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Top 15 tips on how to beat jet lag

Long flight ahead, and wondering how to beat that jet lag? Here are our top tips on how to prevent jet lag and what you can do to stay awake (or sleep!) once you’re in your new destination.

10 cheap European city breaks in 2019 under €100

Looking for the cheapest city breaks in Europe in 2019? Check out these cheap flights for city breaks with vintage shopping in Madrid, spotting the tulips in Holland or nibbling croissants in Paris, and book your next getaway with Skyscanner.

Where is hot in June for guaranteed sunshine in 2019☀️

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What to do if there is an airline strike – Answers to frequently asked questions

If you’ve ever had to fly during an airline strike, you’ll know the panic it onsets. Can you get a refund for your ticket in an airline strike? Are airline strikes covered by travel insurance? Here’s what to do when there’s an airline strike.

The best places to Trick or Treat this Halloween 🎃

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