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###Car Hire at Girona Airport This Catalonian province and city is just an hour away form the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, but has all of the beauty of the Costa Brava coast. You can reach a range of different coastal locations by hiring a car in Girona.

This information is correct as of September 2015

###Where to hire a car at Girona Airport You can find a few different options for car hire in Girona airport, including coupes, 4x4s and people carriers, from Economy, Atesa, Europcar, Avis, and Auriga. ###Petrol stations close at Girona Airport Depending on your car rental agreement, you may need to hand your car back with a full tank.

There is a Galp station off the E15, which is directly opposite the airport, however it’s difficult to get to unless you’re on the E15. The next easiest to reach petrol station is in the south of Girona, which is only 7 minutes from the airport. Continue on the N156 when leaving the airport, and follow the NII north. You’ll see the petrol station on your right. ###Driving around at Girona Airport Girona Airport is half way between Girona and Vidreres on the Costa Brava. The airport is well connected with the N-II bringing together driving routes to Girona, the coast and Barcelona. Barcelona does have it’s own airport, however it’s only an hours drive from Girona too. ###Popular destinations to drive to from Girona Airport ###Girona The charming churches, cobbled streets and authentic Catalan ‘feel’ of Girona makes it an excellent place to stay in Spain. Not only does it have a historic past and hosts traditional Spanish festivals, but it’s also got a lively nightlife scene for younger crowds too.
The small and well kept nature of Girona means there are some roads you cannot drive on in the town, however there are several free car parks provided.
When exiting the airport, exit onto the N156. On the next roundabout, follow the road to stay on the N156. Then take the 2nd exit on the next roundabout onto the C25, then follow the A2 for 12km up to Girona. Take exit 708 to head into South Girona. ###Barcelona The bubbling and glossy capital of Spain is a big draw for many travellers in Europe, with an excellent beach, unbeatable shopping and more tapas bars than you could fit into one trip. Driving in the city can be hectic, especially during rush hour, and it can be tough to get a free parking spot. The largest car park is near Barcelona’s bus terminal, which costs 3 Euros for one hour, and 18 Euros for 24 hours.
You can reach Barcelona from Girona, however it does include a toll road. When exiting the airport, take the exit onto the N156, then take the second exit onto the N156. At the next roundabout, take the fourth exit – this will take you south on the E15 to get to Barcelona. Follow this road for 80km, then take the exit 28 to get onto the C31. This road will lead you into the north of Barcelona. ###Lloret de Mar This Mediterrenean coastal town offers some great scenery and really relaxing spots on Costa Brava’s coast. It’s only a 25 minute drive from Girona, and there are plenty of free parking spaces around the town.
It’s only a 25 minute drive to reach the coast of the Costa Brava. On the first roundabout when exiting the airport, take the first exit onto the N156, then take the second exit on the next roundabout to stay on this road. At the next roundabout, take the second exit onto the C25, and follow the signs for Torres/Barcelona. Continue for around 10km, then stay right, merging onto the C35. Continue on the C63 to Lloret de Mar.

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