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Car Hire from Lviv Airport

Car Hire from Lviv Airport

Ukraine is Europe’s biggest country. Lviv Airport sits on its western edge and offers access to the Carpathian Mountains, wonderful historic cities and diverse natural landscapes. Hiring a car from Lviv Airport is a great way to get around and venture off the standard tourist trail.

Where to hire a car at Lviv Airport

A number of car hire companies operate at Lviv Airport. These include Avis, BLS, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt and all have a car hire desk inside the airport terminal. It’s worth noting that the Sixt desk is closed on Sundays and the Hertz desk on both Saturdays and Sundays. The other companies are open every day of the week.

Petrol Stations near Lviv Airport

If you hire a car with a full to full fuel policy you will be required to refuel before dropping it off. The closest petrol station to Lviv Airport is Shell garage located on the E40, in between the E471 and M11 intersections. It takes around 15 minutes to get there from the airport.

Driving around Lviv Airport

Lviv Airport sits on a well-connected road network. Turning right out of the airport takes you to the T1416, a road which heads north into Lviv city centre and south to the E40. The E40 is a partial ring road which runs around the west, south and east of the city centre. Turning left out of the airport, you’ll come to the M11, another road which heads into the city centre and out to the E40. However, this road continues travelling west to Horodok and Sudova Vyshnya. Routes in all other directions can be accessed from the E40.

To drive in Ukraine, you’ll need an International Driving Permit. This is different from your standard international driving license and you’ll need to apply for one whilst still in the UK from The Post Office. Permits costs just £5.50 and are valid for up to a year from the date of issue.

Both road maintenance and driving standards vary wildly in Ukraine. Drivers are prone to ignoring road signs, speed limits and even traffic lights so you’ll need to be on guard when you take to the roads. It’s also advisable not to travel after dark.

Getting to your destination

There are lots of great destinations within easy driving distance when you hire a car from Lviv Airport. Here are just a few of them:


Located in western Ukraine, Lviv is a city rich in history and culture. It’s home to a historic opera house, a Russian style sauna, a wealth of churches and some incredible restaurants. Whenever you visit, you’re likely to come across one of Lviv’s 50 annual festivals which cover all food, music and cultural tastes.

Lviv city centre is around 25 minutes’ drive from Lviv Airport, taking the T1416 into the city centre. Congestion around the city is commonplace so it’s best to avoid rush hours if possible. You’ll need to plan your route and beware of aggressive drivers on the roads. You’ll also need to note that driving around the city centre on Sundays and holidays is prohibited.

Skolivsky Beskydy National Park

The Skolivsky Beskydy National Park can be found southwest of Lviv. It’s part of the Carpathian Mountains, home to lots of wildlife and a great stop for an outdoor adventure. Hiking, cycling and winter sports are all popular here as is paying a visit to one of the area’s natural springs and spa centres.

It takes around two hours to drive from Lviv Airport to Skolivsky Beskydy National Park, first joining the E40 eastbound before picking up the E471 south. Roads can be winding and narrow so it’s wise to take your time and to leave Lviv with a full tank of petrol.


Krekhiv is a little village north of Lviv. Visitors come here to see the Krekhiv Monastery, which was established back in the 16th century by two monks who were living in caves until a local land owner offered them the money to build their monastery. Over the years Krekhiv has undergone many transformations but it remains an impressive historical site.

Krekhiv is an hour’s drive from Lviv Airport, taking the E40 west and then the T1414. It’s a tiny place with just a few streets so it’s very easy to find your way. Parking is available at the monastery.

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