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Car Hire in Jouf

Car rental in Jouf is best done with some research in advance. You can rent cars of all sizes and even armoured cars if necessary. The companies where you can rent a car in Jouf include Sixt, Samara and Key Car Rental. The method of delivery for the hired car in Jouf varies. Some agencies have a permanent pick-up location at Al-Jawf Domestic Airport (AJF).

Car Hire at Jouf Airport

Jouf has its own airport with some limited rental car opportunities. It is served by Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Nile Air, Nesma Airlines and Flynas. Sixt Car Rental is available at the airport to hire a car in Jouf. Other rental options are arranged off-site. These locations will deliver a car to you. However, you may have to arrange transportation to your hotel or their city location from the airport.

The Jouf region is large and diverse. Sakaka City is the biggest in this region and also the administrative centre. If you rent a car in Jouf at the airport, you will be very close to the centre of Sakaka. Heading east on Highway 80, the centre is only a 4 or 5 miles drive.

Driving in Jouf

Since Jouf is part of Saudi Arabia, unaccompanied women are not allowed to drive. All women need a male with them in order to drive around town. SAHER is an automated system for traffic management used in Saudi Arabia. It primarily consists of video cameras monitoring traffic.

Parking in Jouf

Across the region, you will find a variety of options. Some are paid via cash as you pull into a car park. Other areas will have metered parking or paid parking via an app. Having a variety of change and bills in the local currency will make parking much easier.

Where to Go and What to See in Jouf

You may enjoy using your car rental in Jouf to visit the Nafud Desert. Popular activities there include sand surfing, camel rides and racing on the sand dunes. A driving tour of the countryside is also enjoyable. Bird watchers will especially enjoy this opportunity during migration months.

There are also two tourist tracks available. The Skaka City Track starts at Mount Prince and the Za'bal Castle. From there, you can visit other ancient sites before spending the middle part of your day at the Baida Market. This is an Arab street market. The final stop is Al Rajajeel, an ancient site with stone columns that align with the sun.

The Domat Al Jandal Track starts at the Al Jouf museum and then continues to Marid Castle. If visiting a mosque was on your to-do list, you will appreciate the stop at Umar bin Khattab Mosque. It is located in the centre of Domat Al Jandal. Your tour will end at Domat Al Jandal Lake for a relaxing bit of natural beauty.

If you adhere to the local customs, your rental car in Jouf will help you find many wonderful sites to explore. Learning about the folklore and traditional dress of the Jouf people will enhance your cultural experience.

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