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Compare Car Hire in Gibraltar


Where and What to Hire

The little peninsula of Gibraltar does not have a huge number of options for car hire; however, it is nevertheless possible. A car can be hired from Gibraltar Airport from either Autos Aguirre or Avis while Bruno’s Car Rental is a local firm located in La Duquesa in the west, near Estepona. Due to the limited number of companies offering car hire in Gibraltar, there is consequently a limited choice of vehicles. Many are small either two-door or four-door family cars but the choice should suit most people’s requirements.


Spanning only 6 square kilometres, Gibraltar can be seen entirely on foot, however, if driving it is worth noting that some roads, particularly those up to Upper Rock are very steep, narrow and winding. Gibraltar also has an unduly complicated one-way system with often narrow and badly sign-posted streets. Despite being a UK overseas territory, driving in Gibraltar is on the right hand side of the road. Queues are form at the border with Spain with people coming and going. The border is open 24 hours a day with no limit to the amount of crossings made. When planes are landing at the nearby airport, there are often delays. Occasionally, Spain closes the border during disputes or incidents involving the authorities in Gibraltar.


As parking on Gibraltar is limited and costly; the best suggestion is to park in La Linea at the border, cross the border on foot, then take a local bus into Gibraltar. There are two underground car parks near the border which cost around €2.21 per hour. There are also car parks at Grand Parade (near the cable car station), at Eastern Beach and Queensway. Some on-street parking is available on Line Wall Road, Corral Road and Devil's Tower Road. Much of Gibraltar’s city centre is pedestrianised, so it is advisable to park outside the city walls. Cars will be towed if parked illegally.

Where to Go and What to See

Having a car on Gibraltar is not a necessity but it is helpful in order to have freedom to see all the sights of this fascinating peninsula and its surrounding area. Just 15 minutes from the border is the beautiful Art Deco 4 star Rock Hotel, which is well worth talking a look at, even if not staying there. Overlooking the Bay of Algeciras and the mountains of North Africa in the far distance, visitors should at least stop for afternoon tea to really soak up those views. Be sure to visit one of Gibraltar’s six lovely beaches. Used mostly just by locals, they are often quiet with plenty of space. Choose from Catalan Bay, Camp Bay, Little Bay, Eastern Beach, Western Beach and Sandy Bay. Ones to the east are sandy while the ones in the west are rocky. One of the most thrilling drives in Gibraltar is the winding, narrow and very steep road that snakes up to Upper Rock – worth it for the breath-taking views but this drive is not for the feint-hearted. For a romantic and exotic getaway, it is possible to reach Tangier, in Morocco, in less than 3 hours by car and ferry. Stroll along palm fringed beaches, enjoy modern art in the Musee d’Art, visit the Kasbah and haggle for bargains in the lively and extraordinarily colourful souks that characterize Morocco’s cities. Just an hour north of Gibraltar is the Spanish seaside resort of Marbella. Great for singles, couples and families, Marbella boasts art and culture, spectacular scenery, vibrant shopping districts, Roman baths, budget hostels, luxury hotels and family resorts. Kids will have a magical time in the city’s amusement parks and water parks like Aqualand, the zoo, the crocodile park and of course, on the blissful white sandy beaches.

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