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Hotels in Ballina, Australia

Famous for its clear-water beaches and delicious seafood, this small New South Wales town is worth adding to your Aussie itinerary – especially with our great hotel deals in Ballina.

Discover New South Wales with Ballina Hotels

Ballina NSW is closer to Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland than it is to Sydney – some 746km away. The town sits on an island at the mouth of the Richmond River, and before you get excited, it's not named after Ballina in County Mayo. The name comes from the Aboriginal world 'bullenah' – 'the place where oysters are plentiful'. With pristine white sand beaches to lounge on, clear waters to paddle in, and excellent seafood restaurants to whet your appetite, once you check into your Ballina hotel you might not want to leave.

Treat yourself to Ballina hotels with swimming pools and luxury amenities

The far north coast of New South Wales is warm all year round, so Ballina hotels with swimming pools are always a popular choice. Hotels in Ballina with air conditioning can help to keep you cool during the hot Aussie summers (and winters). Other popular amenities in Ballina hotels are Wi-Fi, perfect if you need to do a bit of work during your trip, and parking – essential if you decide to hire a car in Ballina.

Finding the best hotels in Ballina

Most of the hotels in Ballina are in West Ballina, with a few apartments and hotels in the quieter East Ballina neighbourhood. If you want to be in the heart of the action, look for hotels on River Street in West Ballina. This stretch of road is home to a wide array of shops, restaurants and hotels. Hotels near Missingham Park are within walking distance of the beach, perfect if you don't want to stray far from your accommodation in Ballina. There's a small cluster of budget motels on Bangalow Road, the main thoroughfare if you're driving into Ballina. You can find the best accommodation deals in Ballina here, perfect if you're just stopping over for a night or two on an Australian road trip.

Special offers on Ballina hotels

If you're looking for Ballina hotel deals, you're in the right place. We show you the best prices from all of the top hotel websites so you can quickly the find the cheapest hotel deals for your dates. Click the map to see the cheapest price for hotels with your favourite amenities – whether you're looking for hotels in Ballina with swimming pools, a balcony, or a private barbecue area, we'll show you the lowest price for your nights. You can also zoom out and see prices based on neighbourhood, so you can save money by staying in slightly quieter areas of town away from the beaches.

Exploring town from your Ballina hotel

The best way to get around Ballina is to have your own transport. This also makes it easier to get out and see Ballina attractions like Lighthouse Beach, where you can swim with great white sharks, and the Big Prawn statue (does what it says on the tin, really). Having a car will also make getting into the Ballina Hinterlands easier. This beautiful countryside is the perfect place to sample delicious locovore food and try your hand at adventure activities like horse riding. If you don't drive, you can hop on the Greyhound buses to the big cities. Some hostels and hotels in Ballina have tour desks where you can book tours and activities, ideal if you don't have your own transport.