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Hotels in Perth

Hotels in Perth


The greenest city on the coast of Western Australia is also one of the most isolated in the world, yet Perth has a population of over 1.6 million and it’s still growing. Perth has always been associated with mining, and the wealth of natural minerals on this side of Australia mean that this city has a booming economy too. So much so, it’s now developed hipster enclaves and trendy new neighbourhoods breaking away from the well-shined harbourside dwellings. In Perth, you can plump for a five star hotel or you can opt for a hostel within a converted prison – here are the best places to find accommodation, whatever you’re after.




This is essentially the heart of the city, homing the CBD, the main shopping district and the stock exchange in Perth. Forrest Place marks the epicentre of Perth, close to the Myers department store, Perth’s main train station and the Tourist Information centre. There are plenty of backpackers and mid range hotels here, but if you head into East Perth you can find exclusive apartments facing the Swan River.




This neighbourhood is just north of the city centre, and it’s noticeably cheaper than the accommodation offered in the city centre. The entertainment here is noticeably more independent, with many boutique shops and cafes open during the day. The numerous backpacker joints and hostels here attract a young and lively crowd, adding fuel to the fire of Northbridge’s nightlife. If you want a higher standard of hotel, stay closer to Perth city centre or Fremantle.




Fremantle is actually a city in it’s own right, but it’s so close to Perth that it’s often believed to be part of the city. There’s shiploads of history here, in fact, Fremantle Prison has now been renovated to become a youth hostel, and the shipyard galleries have a whole host of history lessons to be taken when the weather gets too hot. Fremantle faces the Indian Ocean, and there are plenty of hotels facing the blue horizon – the majority of hotels, hostels and B&Bs are placed around the Esplanade, with a handful more based in South Perth.


The Coast


Cottesloe beach is a popular destination for watching the sun go down with a drink in hand, and if that sounds like your sort of thing there are a few hotels based on the shoreline here too. However, they aren’t as affordable as those in the city centre, and it’s not as close to the nightlife of Northbridge.


The Hills


The Hills are further inland than the city centre, home to vineyards, rivers and an abundance of outback. It’s much more of a residential area, but the few hotels that are here are conveniently close to Perth Airport.