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Hotels in Bremen

Hotels in Bremen


Bremen might be seen as a business district on paper, but when you visit you’ll soon realize this is a German city with a charming old town and enough traditional pubs to rival the rest of them. Usually, city breaks revolve around ‘Mitte’, the central part of Bremen. This includes several neighbourhoods, including the CBD and the Old Town, meaning it’s the most popular destination for holidays, business trips and city stopovers. However, there are also hotels north of the river and south of Mitte, which prove popular with business travellers too.




Aldstadt is slightly divided from the rest of the city by the Weser River and the Wallanlagen Park. The traditional town houses, riverside bars and restaurants add an atmospheric charm to this business city, and the Town Hall, the Kunsthalle (art museum) and the Cathedral are a must for folks who love architecture. Check out the cheap hostels in the north of the Aldtadt for a budget break, and the quirky design hotels or apartments in the centre for a more plush getaway.




Here, old German architecture melds with modern design, especially around the university. The New Town is separated from the Old Town by the river, and there are more offices and residents here: but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good hotels on the south side. There’s also a big foodie scene and beautiful parks to explore south of the river. The Neustadt is also a great base if you need to be close to the airport, as it’s just a 5-minute drive away.


Centre & Ostertor


The charm and architecture of the Old Town leaks into the eastern neighbourhood of Ostertor, and mixes with the new residents living here – Ostersteinweg is one of the biggest roads, and it’s full of restaurants and bars from every nationality. The hotels and hostels here are slightly cheaper, but less plentiful than in the city centre.




This is one of the most scenic places to stay in Bremen. Burgerpark is one of the biggest green spaces in the city, and in the north of Ostertor you have the option of a room in one of the 4 star hotels facing out onto the grounds. Of course, you could also choose a cheaper option close to the attractions of the Old Town, and the main train station too.