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Hotels in Frankfurt

Hotels in Frankfurt


Whilst Frankfurt might be a capital of financial and commercial business as well as a huge hub for transportation, it’s worth staying here for a few days to explore the 2,000 year-old city under the skyscrapers. There is a huge range of hotels, ranging from the classy to the convenient, and the plush to the price-friendly. Whether you’re a business traveller, on a family break or you’re just exploring Germany on your own, Skyscanner will definitely find a hotel for you in Frankfurt.




The squares and museums in the Old Town add to Frankfurt’s archaic charm. This is the perfect neighbourhood for a cultural visit, within walking distance of the Museum of Modern Art, St Paul’s Church, the Jewish Cemetery and Goetheplatz. There are plenty of options for accommodation in the Old Town, with some swankier options and affordable hotels closer to the centre.




This area is probably the most practically placed for those who are using Frankfurt as a transportation and business hub. The main train station is just to the east of Bahnhofsviertel, and most of the main banks are off Taunusanlange and Gallusanlage. There are some upmarket hotel options on the river bank, where you’ll have a great view over the main river and onto the bridges, as well as a few set further back – closer to the central banks and gardens.




Innenstadt is set slightly further back than the Old Town, and it’s great if you’re here to visit the University. There aren’t many options for accommodation here but you’ll easily find a 4 star hotel to spend the night in.




The ‘east end’ of Frankfurt is perfect for families in the city – it’s closeby to the Zoo, the east end train station and the Old Town. If you’re prepared to walk into the Old Town when you need to visit it, you could save a few pennies by staying in Ostend too.




Sachshausen is the neighbourhood on the other side of the river, and it’s a little bit cheaper to stay here as most of Frankfurt’s attractions are on the northern side. Whilst you might be further away from the churches and the skyscrapers, you’re much closer to the green parks and the airport. There are hotels close to the river, but there are also some German guesthouses and cosy B&B’s near the golf clubs.