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Hotels in Palermo

Hotels in Palermo


Sicily’s biggest city is full of coastal character and plenty of Mediterranean charm, despite the effects of World War 2. It’s certainly a city you might describe as ‘gritty’ but recent renovations are building the city back up to what it once was. Candy coloured Italian houses line the waterfront, and hotels nestle into them – you’re sure to find many boutique B&B options here for romantic weekends away. Likewise, there are family friendly options located on the beachfront too. There are 35 different ‘neighbourhoods’ in Palermo, but there are only 8 different community boards administrating them.


La Kalsa


The term ‘Kalsa’ derives from the old Arabic term ‘Khalisa’, which translates as the purest, or elected form. This was where the Arabs first settled in 1072, and thus there’s still an Arabic atmosphere in the Old Town of Palermo, with narrow alleyways and huge archways winding through the city. La Kalsa is home to Martorana, Basilica la Magiore and a hefty clutch of art museums and galleries. There are grand hotels here, as well as kitsch B&B’s and well priced apartments.


La Vucciria


This used to be Palermo’s biggest, bustling market place, but now it’s a little quieter than it once was. Nonetheless, this is one of the best areas for foodies with a big daily market, and many small and traditional restaurants to be discovered for late night gelato runs, as well as museums and theatres for hanging out in during the day. The hotels are a little pricier the closer to La Kalsa you get, but there are plenty of affordable B&Bs in La Vucciria.




Architects and historians should head to this area, just behind the district of La Kalsa. There are romantic buildings like Santa Croce Palace and San Giovanni degli Eremeti that provide plenty of photo opportunities – not all were destroyed in the raids of WW2. The Ballarò market is also a must-see, full of fresh food stalls, spice shops and plenty of chances to try Palermo’s street food too. Make a bee-line for the boutique hotels in this area for a truly romantic city break.


Port of Palermo (Borgo Vecchio)


This is where the cruise ship crowds descend, as well as the local fishermen, making it a busy and thriving part of the city. It might not be as pretty as the other areas, but it’s a great area for checking out the night markets and snacking on fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea. If you head further in, you’ll find some of Palermo’s best clubs along Viale Strasburgo or Via Generale Arimondi, but for more relaxed drinking establishments stay in Borgo Vecchio or head down to the historic quarter. There aren’t as many options for hotels in this area, and the ones that are available are quite affordable.