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Hotels in Pisa

Hotels in Pisa


If you’re coming to Pisa to see the sights (namely the Leaning Tower), you’ll be pleased to know the centre is fairly small. The Bapistry, the Botanic Gardens and the main museums are all within walking distance of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the northern side of the river. If you’re flying into Pisa, you’ll be making your way into the city from the southern side of the river, bypassing the central train station too. Whilst this means the southern side is more practical for transport, the northern side has the monuments, architecture, and delicious food you came to Pisa for!


Santa Maria


Santa Maria carries the most monuments and attractions out of the four districts, named after the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral. The district is northwest of the Arno river, and if you choose to stay here you can easily walk to the hospitals and university as well as the Bapistry, the Tower and the Gardens. As to be expected, it’s a pricey area with some really luxurious hotels and apartments around the cathedral. However, there are one or two affordable hotels for those on short city breaks.


San Francesco


San Francesco is located directly opposite Santa Maria on the northern side of the river. Whilst it doesn’t have the main attractions like Santa Maria, there are still a number of 13th century churches in the area, the Roman Baths (Bagni di Nerone), and the Teatro Verdi. The hotels here are only slightly cheaper than in Santa Maria, and you’re also able to find a few charming Italian B&B’s in San Francesco too. It’s well connected to the rest of the city, with plenty of restaurants and bars – without being in the main hubbub of Santa Maria.


Sant’ Antonio


Santa Antonio is on the opposite side of the Arno to Santa Maria, and you can still find parts of Santa Maria’s old architecture in the Lungarno area. The river banks in the north are home to the Palazzo Gambacorti and the Santa Maria della Spina Church, and there are good public transport links for crossing the river too. The hotels and B&B’s here are perfect if you’d prefer to be somewhere a little quieter, and marginally cheaper.


San Martino


The northern side of the river may have bars and restaurants spilling out of the city, but you’ll find the best Italian patisseries in San Martino. San Martino is next to San Antonio, and it’s full of shops, markets and squares to stroll around in. There are far fewer hotels here, but it is considered to be Pisa’s commercial district – make a visit to one of the warm and welcoming B&B’s if you have a meeting here.