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Hotels in Derry

Hotels in Derry

Coming to Derry (or Londonderry)? This city is stained with history from the past 3 centuries, but modern developments like the Millennium Forum have made it into a more approachable place for travellers.

Derry is one of the 4 largest cities in Ireland, and although it has a large residential population, attractions like St Columb’s Cathedral, the 17th Century city walls and the cracking pubs keep travellers from the UK and Ireland coming in. The River Foyle provides a picturesque backdrop to the city, but it also splits it in half. The east side of the river is known as the Waterside, and it’s traditionally seen as the “Unionist” side of Derry, whereas the western Cityside is home to Nationalists, as well as many of the cities attractions.

The Bogside & Central Cityside

This is where you can find the “Free Derry” corner, as well as many other murals left over from the 90s. The Heritage Trail and City Cemetery are also popular with travellers, and you’ll need to stay in the south if you want to be near the football club. There are heaps of modern hotels and cosy B&Bs here, appropriate for those on history trips, shopping weekends and stag nights – Waterloo Street has some of the most vibrant pubs in the city.

North Cityside

Although this area is mainly comprised of industrial and residential estates, there are a few 4 star hotels and B&Bs intermingled. You’ll be closeby to the Foyle Bridge and Foyle Golf Park, but you might be better off getting a bus to the city centre.


On the eastern side of the city, you can see the Peace Bridge, St Columb’s Park and St Eugenes Cathedral, as well as a few of the shopping centres. This side may not have as much going on, but the apartments and hotels on this side lend themselves well to those here visiting family, or on a quiet weekend away.