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Ryanair hand luggage allowance and how to avoid the fees

Tired of being stung with baggage charges when flying with Ryanair? It's time to spend your hard-earned cash on fun in the sun, not on your bags. Skyscanner is here to fully inform you about Ryanair's baggage allowances and fees and give you the most useful tips on how to maximise your hand luggage and minimise those pesky payments.

The free carry-on baggage allowance for Ryanair Flights

Ryanair has recently changed its hand luggage allowance. The airline now offers only to the customers who have purchased priority tickets, the possibility to carry one small cabin bag (40X20X25cm) and additionally, a larger hand baggage (55X40X20cm) which, nevertheless, shouldn’t weigh more than 10kg. The new non-priority Ryanair luggage policy is only one small carry-on bag. If you wish to take a larger bag, extra baggage charges will unforunately be applied.

Ryanair carry-on baggage allowance: weight, dimensions and  extra charges

Ryanair Hand Luggage Size Ryanair Cabin Bag Weight Limit Number of Bags permitted in the Cabin Extra Fees for Oversized Cabin Bags

40cmx20cmx 25cm small bag, ie. handbag or laptop bag 

55x40x20cm maximum cabin baggage dimensions

Maximum Weight Limit: 10Kg

Non-priority: one small carry-on luggage + duty free bag per passenger 

Priority: one hand luggage per passenger, plus one small bag

Oversized cabin bag €50

Ryanair check-in baggage allowance: weight, dimensions and extra charges

Ryanair Check-in Bag Size Ryanair Check-in Baggage Weight Limit Number of Check-in bags allowed Ryanair Check-in Luggage Fees
55x40x20cm maximum hold baggage dimensions


or 20Kg

32kg maximum weight

Ryanair’s passengers on the same flight can share the bagagge allowance

Up to 3 items of check-in baggage per passenger Online €10-€40

At the airport €20 – €40 

The above cost may differ depending on the selected flight

Excess Baggage Fee €11 per kilo

With simplified baggage allowance categories, Ryanair have made it easier for customers to decide on whether to check-in bags or travel light. Don’t spend the equivalent of another week in the sun on hold luggage. Just take a look at our handy tips for maximising your hand luggage, ensuring you spend your hard-earned wages on holiday fun rather than on your bags!

Ryanair Policy for Special Equipment

Woman standing on a snowy mountain holding a snowboard above her head and smiling

Small sports equipment such as footballs can be taken on board free of charge, as long as they are deflated prior to travel. Larger items such as bikes, skis, snowboards and golf clubs will all incur additional fees. The same goes for musical instruments. A fully collapsible pushchair, plus a car seat/booster seat/ travelcot per child can be carried free of charge. Essential medical equipment can also be carried on board free of charge (subject to pre-clearance).

How to maximise Ryanair’s hand baggage allowance

Follow our tips to get the most out of your hand luggage allowance for your next Ryanair flight:

1. Choose the right cabin bag

Cabin luggage in the overhead locker

The kind of bag you take on board is the first essential to think about. Where better to start than Cabin Max, a great website where you can select luggage based on the requirements of specific airlines, giving you the biggest bag for their cabin. It is guaranteed to give you the maximum space allowed. With carry-on luggage so remarkably varied these days, this site makes it easy to find the best bag for the job. Alternatively, you can check baggage sizes for a specific airline and go on your own high-street hunt for the perfect cabin bag.

2. Buy one of the “Ryanair Already Approved Baggage”

There are now many stockists selling official Ryanair ‘cabin approved’ luggage ensuring there can be no arguments when you get to the gate. Ryanair has a range of approved bags to choose from, all made by sturdy Samsonite. So there’s no need to sacrifice style for space!

For more choice, check out our handy review of some of the best cabin bags to suit every budget rated by our intrepid team of travellers.

3. Arrive 90 minutes before your Ryanair Flight

A wooden toy plane and a colourful clock on a map

Whilst hanging around an airport might not be most people’s idea of fun, being one of the first at the gate can greatly minimise your risk of having to lose one of your bags to the hold. This is especially important if you have a tight flight connection and need a speedy airport exit. For internal and nearby flights, 90 minutes is the recommended time to arrive before departure. With priority boarding, pre-booked seating and a general ‘scrum-like’ atmosphere on many budget flights, it pays to be the first in the queue. It also ensures plenty of extra time for duty free shopping!

4. Split the luggage weight

If you happen to be holidaying with friends who travel light, why not share the luggage allowance between you? Even if you decide to check a bag into the hold, money can be saved. The Ryanair fee for hold baggage is 10-12€ for 10kg, if purchased online while the cost increases depending on the luggage weight. Therefore, the minimum fee corresponds to two bags along with your free cabin bag. Take into consideration that the baggage allowance is 10kg per person, thus, if one of your friends exceed this limit but someone else’s bag is lighter than 10kg, the difference can be counterbalanced.

5. Pack your hand carry luggage with miniatures

A white surface with a bag ready for packing and lots of individual items to be packed

These days there is a travel version of almost everything, from deodorant and toothpaste to hair strengtheners and tiny towels. Mini items are the way forward when packing cabin-only baggage. Airport rules on liquids means that they must not exceed 100ml individually when taken in hand luggage. And plenty of shops now sell individual 100ml travel bottles into which you can decant your favourite products. Of course, it’s not only what you pack but how you pack that can make the difference between being able to take that extra pair of shoes on holiday or not. Don’t worry. Packing is a skill that can be learned.

Before you fly check out 15 of the best ever packing tips for a stress-free packing experience.

6. If in doubt, take advantage of the Ryanair Plus Benefits

If you don’t want to skimp on your holiday wardrobe, or you want plenty of room for souvenirs on your return, then why not think about travelling Ryanair Plus? Starting at €31, the Ryanair Plus service affords customers a reserved standard seat, Priority Boarding and two free cabin bags. Most importantly, they also include a free check-in bag with a maximum weight of 20kg.

7. Check the other low-cost airlines

Passenger looking at airport timetable

If you are planning your trip around the size of your cabin baggage allowance then do your homework. Ryanair isn’t the only budget airline available. EasyJet and Flybe both offer similar amounts of cabin baggage, some with no weight restrictions and also the option of an additional smaller bag.

If you want to go the whole hog and compare all airlines luggage allowances upfront, then we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you make the best choice.

Man carrying a suitcase at the airport

*Updated June 2019. Whilst information was correct at the time of publication, we’d recommend that you check the details with the airline or OTA before booking.

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