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Insider secrets – how to find the cheapest last-minute flights around

Cheap last minute flights are not a myth, you just have to know where to look to find the best deals. This guide contains practical advice for finding the best last minute deals on the internet - the question is, where will you go now you know how to find them?

1. Learn how to search for flights

Last-minute flights used to be the prize for showing up at the airport early. Now, you can search for these online. Use the Everywhere search to find the cheapest last-minute deals to any destination – it could be the day before, you’ll still be shown the best possible deals.

Find out how to use the Everywhere Search on Skyscanner.

Skyscanner's Everywhere Search
Find out how to use the Everywhere Search on Skyscanner.

2. Be a solo traveller

Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many plane seats going spare for families of 4. When you begin your search for cheap last-minute flights, start by searching for 1 ticket instead of 2. If you find the flight you want and you are planning on bringing company, they have the option of trying to barter for a seat on the same plane, or taking an affordable ticket before or after you.

3. Subscribe for updates from the airlines

Airlines usually post their last-minute flight sales on social media and on their email newsletters. They don’t want the seats to go empty, but they’ll be giving priority to loyal brand followers. Become one, and your loyalty may be rewarded.

  • Subscribe to the airlines newsletter online (we love ours, but Air New Zealand also include great offers for their subscribers)
  • Like and Follow the airline on social media

4. Use Skyscanner Price Alerts

When you set up a Price Alert for a certain flight route with Skyscanner, you’ll receive news when the flight drops in price, increases or stays the same.
If you’ve set up a Price Alert a few weeks in advance for a weekend getaway, you’ll get the last-minute flight deals delivered to your doorstep.

Find out how to use Skyscanner Price Alerts.

Create a new Price Alert with Skyscanner

5. Prepare to change your travel plans

We all know the red eyes are the easiest way to get a cheaper flight, but when you’re looking for a travel bargain, be even more flexible with your destination, departure airport and times. If you have the flexibility, take that weekend break from Tuesday to Thursday – you’ll be avoiding the crowds and saving money on your flights. You never know, you may end up in a beautiful country you’d never considered visiting before.

6. Become friends with someone who works at an airline

Air stewards and stewardesses are allocated a particular number of ‘standby’ seats during the year. They’re able to use these seats themselves, or hand them to friends. The trick is being flexible enough to take one when they come up. It’s usually 24 hours beforehand, and you won’t know the destination… but your ticket will come with a mighty discount.

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*Updated April 2019. Information correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability.

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