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Security fast pass system at Bristol

Security fast pass system at Bristol

Bristol International Airport has announced the trial of a new fast-track security system for passengers.

The Fly Thru service will allow travellers to pass through express security queues for a fee of £5.

Bookings opened yesterday (July 22nd) and passengers taking flights from Bristol anytime after August 5th will be able to opt for a Fly Thru fast pass.

Once check-in is complete, Fly Thru passengers will use a new fast-track channel to reach the security search area.

The scheme has been developed following research that revealed 60 per cent of business flyers would use a service designed to speed up the security process.

Alison Roberts, general manager of Terminal Operations at the airport, said: "Our customers told us that they wanted more time to relax in the departure lounge, and less time spent in queues.

"We’ve listened, and introduced improvements which have significantly reduced queues to the security search area. However, some passengers, particularly those travelling regularly on business, want to guarantee an even quicker journey through the airport, and that’s why we have introduced the Fly Thru option."

Figures from the airport recently revealed an increase in the number of passengers taking flights from Bristol to international hubs.

Some 10,000 travellers a week now take flights to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris Charles de Gaulle, New York, Brussels and Oslo from Bristol.