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Flybe baggage allowances and how to beat extra charges

Here's everything you need to know about Flybe's baggage allowance, plus five important tips if you want to avoid paying their extra charges for your luggage.

Flybe hand luggage allowance: size, weight and fees

Flybe cabin bag size Flybe* hand luggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized hand luggage

55x35x20cm* including handles and wheels


10kg combined weight

One regular hand luggage bag

one smaller handbag or laptop bag

€50 at the boarding gate


Flybe hold luggage allowance: size, weight and fees

Flybe hold baggage size Flybe hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of Flybe hold luggage
There is no size restriction**

Just Fly no hold luggage included

Get More 1x23kg 

All In 2x23kg

32kg maximum weight

2 items max per passenger

Prices vary from €34 – €75

Fees vary depending on the route and fare class you are travelling on

Excess baggage fee €20 per kilo at the airport 

*Same hand luggage allowance applies on Stobart Air, Blue Islands and Eastern Airways operated flights.

**53cmx55cmx127cm maximum size on flights operated by Stobart Air.

5 simple ways to make the most of your Flybe baggage allowances and avoid extra charges

1. Pick the right bag for the job

Flybe baggage allowances and how to beat extra charges

After investigating Flybe’s hand luggage size, this could be the perfect time to review your tired old luggage and opt for a brand new bag. You can opt for a size that is guaranteed to fit in the over-head locker or under the seat in front of you, avoiding any chance of it being put in the hold on busy flights. Alternatively, opt for the largest size possible, knowing that if it has to go in the hold. It will at least be free of charge.

Even with the largest hand luggage, if you arrive nice and early for your flight, you should be able to meet Flybe’s baggage allowance and avoid this happening. Not sure what bag is best? With so much choice on the market, why not take a look at Skyscanner’s top picks for cabin luggage, which have been tried and tested by our trusty team and are guaranteed to comply with Flybe luggage restrictions.

2. Travel light

Young woman checking her train in time board - Flybe baggage allowances and how to beat the extra charges

Depending on the type of holiday you’re embarking on, there are ways to optimise your packing. Avoid packing hairdyers and towels, particularly if staying in a hotel. For hot climates, a couple of t-shirts and dresses and a pair of shorts are plenty. Taking a tube of travel wash will save on space and allow you to freshen your clothes as you travel. For colder weather and ski holidays, it’s a good idea to wear your largest items to the airport. Remember wherever you’re going, there are sure to be facilities and shops for any forgotten or last minute essentials so you won’t max out Flybe’s hand luggage size! Tickets and passport are more important than a toothbrush and hair straighteners!

Read more: Banned on board: 10 things not to pack in your hand luggage

3. Take a laptop bag or small bag for free

Man using laptop at airport departure lounge - Flybe baggage allowances and how to beat extra charges

Happily, Flybe is one low-cost airline that allows passengers to take an additional small bag or laptop case on the aircraft, in addition to their main cabin baggage. This could make the difference between checking in a bag or not so use the extra space wisely. Be sure to keep documents, books and any valuable items in your handbag which should free up valuable space and avoid paying for Flybe cabin luggage.

4. It’s not what you pack but how

Rolling clothes into hand luggage - Flybe baggage allowances and how to beat extra charges

When you have your holiday wardrobe sussed, getting it in the bag can be another matter. There are some nifty insider tricks that can help make sure it all fits, like rolling up socks and smaller items and putting them inside your shoes; using vacuum packs bags to shrink your larger items of clothing and transferring liquids into small individual bottles. If you’d like more help on how to stuff your hand luggage without being slapped with a charge, check out our top 15 greatest packing tips ever.

5. Look out for student discounts

Woman sitting on suitcase

Got a valid student ID? Be sure not to miss out on Flybe’s special student hold luggage deal! Get two 23kg hold bags for the price of one by either purchasing a 23kg hold luggage, or a Get More ticket, which already includes one such bag free of charge!

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*Revised October 2019. All prices are lowest estimated prices only and are subject to change. Charges may vary if you book through an online travel agent rather than the airline direct. Whilst information was correct at the time of publication, we’d recommend that you check the details with the airline or OTA before booking.

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