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8 gadgets and bags for keeping your luggage safe

Looking for ways to make your luggage safer when you travel? These gadgets and tools will help to prep your luggage for any journey, whether you’re on a three-leg flight or want to protect yourself from pickpockets.

Many of us wonder just who can get their paws on our luggage and bags when we’re travelling. So we’ve pulled together some of the best gadgets and accessories to keep your luggage safe! 🔒

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8 anti-theft travel accessories to keep your luggage safe on your next trip

1. RFID Money and Passport Belt, from €11.48*

A money and passport belt is one of the best things you can carry around with you when travelling, but the added bonus of this one is the RFID protection. This protects your credit cards from anyone using Radio-Frequency Identification waves to lift your data when passing by.

2. Kopack Anti Theft Backpack, from €28.14*

When you’re travelling with valuables, you can feel pretty on-edge walking around some cities. The Kopack anti-theft backpack features slash resistant straps, an adjustable laptop sleeve and it’s waterproof too. The slim design means you won’t stand out either.

3. Self-Locking Cable Ties, from €6.43*

If you want your luggage to be really secure when you travel, it’s worth considering using cable ties. If you use a TSA Approved lock, using a cable tie as a back up will tell you if your luggage has been opened during transport. These also come in handy if you ever have to fasten your backpack to a locker in a hostel – they stop opportunists in their tracks.

4. TSA Approved Coded Lock, from €9.18

What is the TSA? The TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration, and this is the travel authority that governs transport safety in the United States.

Whilst they do not operate in every country, it’s best to buy a TSA lock in case you do travel within the United States, as they require access to luggage without the passenger being present (this is why you might want to use cable ties as a test to see if your luggage has been opened). TSA locks are approved by this body, as they can open and relock them during transit. It also avoids using traditional locks, which can be easy to unhook with a duplicate key.

5. Mynt Smart Tracker and Remote, from €28.44

Track your phone, keys or kids with this tech tracking app and remote. Attach the key fob to said valuable item, for example, keys, and use the app on your Android or iPhone to track it. You can also set the key fob to ring if you’ve lost the item within your house, or you can use it as a remote for your music.

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6. Konig Laptop Lock, from €4.62

Ever have to use your laptop in a public place, then have to leave it for 5 minutes? A laptop lock can lock your device to the desk or seat where you’re sitting, giving you peace of mind whilst you pop to the bathroom or get another drink. Just make sure your laptop fits the Kensington Security Lock if you do plan on using this one!

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7. YOMO Neck Wallet Passport Holder, from €11.49

If you’ve ever been nervous about carrying around your passport in your bag, this neck wallet solves that. It can hold your passport, money, phone and a few extras all around your neck, and subtly sit in the front of your shirt.

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8. Pacsafe Bag Protector & Wrap, in Steel, from €80.32

Travelling through a country you’re not sure about with a backpack? A backpack alone can be easy to rummage through, but using a protector like this one can help prevent it happening. The steel wire wraps around the backpack (this one covers bags between 25 and 55 litres) providing an extra level of protection for your luggage.

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*Revised November 2019. Prices correct at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability – GPB to Euro conversion on 20.11.2019.

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