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Why I hate wheelie bags: TRAVEL RANT

Why I hate wheelie bags: TRAVEL RANT

Real men don’t use wheelie bags. Real men carry their bags on their backs.


Negotiating the airport these days is bad enough, but now we have a new menace: the army of wheelie-baggers who have just one purpose: to trip us up.

Now, let’s get something straight; I’m not talking about people who are lugging a two tonne suitcase around. If you’ve got a big, heavy bag, it’s perfectly sensible to take the weight off your shoulders and put it on to wheels.

No. What really grinds my gears are those people, especially men, who believe it’s perfectly acceptable to tow behind them a wallet on wheels. They place it on the ground, pull out their delicate little telescopic handle, and there it is in front of me, a tea-bag sized trailer, snaking its way along the floor, taking up space and becoming a mobile tripwire.

Man didn’t spend centuries inventing the wheel just so you could attach it to a miniscule bag and drag it around airports trying to take out people’s legs.

Wheels on chariots, articulated lorries and trains – yes. Wheels on bags the size of Chihuahua dogs – no. These people should be clamped.

Bags are for backs; please use your wheels wisely.

By The Grumpy Traveller