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Hotels in Vilnius

Hotels in Vilnius


Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania, and it has one of the best-kept medieval town centres in all of Europe. Uzupis, the district to the east of the Old Town, actually announced independence day on April Fool’s Day in 1987, and since then it’s been a day for celebration in the town. Although it’s not one of the bigger European capitals, there’s still a steady stream of nightlife running through the town, as well as kitsch new hotels and modern options for accommodation for every type of traveller.


Old Town - Senamiestis


Pilies Street is the main artery of Vilnius’ town centre, lined with shops, hotels and restaurants. This is one of the best-kept medieval towns in all of Europe, which is why it was made a UNESCO world heritage centre in 1994. Despite it’s famous status, it’s still not over run by tourists, which lets you enjoy the authentic Lithuanian feel when staying here. Inside the Neoclassical and Gothic buildings you’ll find all manner of bars, theatres and concerts, and the hotels cater for every budget too – from backpacker to flashpacker.




This neighbourhood is often seen as part of the Old Town as it’s so close to the eastern edge, but it’s actually a district in it’s own right. It’s got a bohemian edge on the better-known venues in Senamiestis, and boutique hotels to match. The concerts and parks here make it feel more like an artsy, new area than one settled into the Old Town.




This is Vilnius’ New Town – if you need to get out of the historic centre, but you still want to see Lithuanian culture, this is a Soviet neighbourhood sat on your doorstep. From the parliamentary buildings to the office blocks in the south, this can be misconceived as ‘just’ a residential neighbourhood, but if you head toward the river you’ll find quirky bars to while away the afternoon in. There’s also a substantial nightlife here, as well as boutique shopping opportunities and museums.




Šnipiškės is a neighbourhood of two halves: glossy skyscrapers on one side, dilapidated wooden buildings on the other. Either way, this is the best area to stay for business travellers thanks to it’s proximity to many of the major businesses and offices based here. There are also restaurants and bars for after work entertainment, but most of that happens in the city centre.