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If you’re travelling through South East Asia, you have to stop off in Vietnam. Where else can you find UNESCO World Heritage sites, French architecture, amazing Asian food and tropical landscapes all in one country?

There are 2 main airports you can fly to from Dublin, Hanoi in the North and Ho Chi Minh in the South. The French previously occupied Vietnam, and you can still see European influences in many of the buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh today is hub for trade and commerce, with many of the countries leading companies being based here.

That said, it’s still a cultural expedition for those visiting. Hop on a motorbike and explore some of the markets and war museums whilst you’re here – the French didn’t only influence Vietnam’s architecture. Their influence also resonates in modern Vietnamese dishes such as banh mi. Otherwise known as the Vietnamese baguette, this is a bun made with rice flour and stuffed with Asian flavoured meats and veggies – a must-try for anyone visiting the country.

Whilst you’re in Ho Chi Minh, you can venture down South to see islands similar to those in Thailand, grand palaces, and of course the Mekong Delta.

From the city, you can take the local route and catch buses up to the North of Vietnam, or you can take one of the planes departing daily from the international airport up to Hanoi.

If you choose to go the long way you’re in for an absolute treat, as there’s Vietnamese Highlands to your left, and the South China Sea to your right. Popular stop offs include Dalat and Nha Trang for their beautiful alps and beaches, but if you continue further you will end up in Hoi An. This charming town has previously been named one of the safest destinations for solo female travellers, so you can imagine how friendly and welcoming the locals are. One of the most iconic sights is the 16th Century Japanese Bridge in the city century, built to connect the Japanese and Chinese residences over 400 years ago.

The final major stop off is Hanoi, and if you choose to fly into this Noi Bai Airport you’ll be plunged head first into true Vietnamese culture. Old clashes with new in the Old Quarter as Vietnamese hawkers sell their wares from Parisian-esque side streets and locals sip coffee whilst watching tourists amble by. You can also take a day trip to Halong Bay from here, or have a few nights away in the National Park. Which ever you choose, you are sure to be romanced by the charm and beauty of the Vietnamese people and their country.

What you need to know

Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai) is 45km North of the city centre. It takes a 30 minute taxi, or hour long bus ride.

Ho Chi Minh Airport (Tân Sơn Nhất) is 6km away from the city centre, and is easily accessible by taxi or bus.


They use the Vietnamese Dong. One Euro is equal to 28,300 dong at the time of writing.


You will need a visa to enter Vietnam. You can obtain one online, ready for arrival. These visas tend to be single entry, if you are looking to go in and out of the country you will need a different visa (you can find more info on the Vietnamese government’s website).


Facebook is blocked by the government, even though you can access it using proxys. Vietnam’s dress code for women is also vastly different to Thailand, and women should cover up (legs above the knee, stomach, décolletage and shoulders etc) in public at all times – especially when visiting places of worship.

Best time to visit

Vietnam’s climate is extremely diverse, but it can be divided into 3 main areas. In the North, it can become extremely hot and humid from April to October, and very cold from December to early April. Similarly, Central Vietnam becomes chillier in those months, but they also experience typhoon season from October onwards. The South has both a wet and dry season, wet season beginning in June to November. Essentially, there is no “perfect” time to visit Vietnam. 

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