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Hotels in Zadar

Zadar is a city on the south east coast of Croatia, sheltered by the archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. The Dalmatian gem of a city is jam packed full of things to see and do, even if it is quite compact. Zadar’s city centre sits on a peninsula on Croatia’s coast, and its geography has carved it an interesting place in history – it’s a historic port town full of Roman Ruins. There are 34 old churches to discover, as well as the cathedrals and well-preserved Roman Forum. There are a few hotels in Zadar, but it has not yet been over developed, so you can guarantee there’s an authentic Croatian charm to some of these guesthouses.

The Old Town & Marina

Not only is the Old Town pretty in Zadar: it’s practical. Ferries coming in and out of Zadar use the Old Town as their port, so you can easily reach other islands from this point. Between the terracotta rooftops and churches, you’ll find 1 or 2 hotels in the Old Town that are perfect for city escapes. There are apartments and stylish boutique hotels on the Northern tip, but there are cheaper lodgings and B&B’s in the south, closer to the mainland. There are restaurants all around the Old Town, as well as a few bars and cute cafes for whiling away the afternoons.

Mainland Zadar

On the other side of the water, you’ll find Zadar’s only casino, a handful of tasty Italian restaurants and several hotels for ventures further in land. However, there isn’t a huge variety of accommodation in this area.


Radovana is much further up the coast, and whilst it’s not technically Zadar, it’s a popular option for families who want to get a slice of the great outdoors. There are lots of campsites here, as well as restaurants (for when the camp fire eventually goes out). If you move even further north, you’ll find a few secluded beachside apartments – but don’t expect white sands, the coast is red and rugged here. That said, when you have a poolside apartment – who needs the beach?!