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Hotels in Luxembourg

Hotels in Luxembourg


Luxembourg is one of the most interesting small cities in the world. This UNESCO listed site is nestled in the heart of it’s own landlocked country between Belgium, France and Germany, and despite it’s size and destruction during WW2, it currently ranks as one of the richest cities in the world. This might make it a popular destination for bankers, but it’s also a hotspot for trying Belgian cuisine and dipping into Moselle’s wine country. The city is actually divided into 24 different quarters, but these are the main areas for business, sightseeing and historic monuments.


Ville Haute


This is the centre of Luxembourg, home to all the buildings, palaces and monuments you came here for. As you enter the Old Town, you’re within walking distance of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Grand Ducal Palace and the Palace Guillaume II, as well as close to many of the city’s best hotels. There are one or two affordable options, but generally this is a pricey place to stay, with five star restaurants and shops to match.




Grund is just below Ville Haute, and it’s where those who work in the centre come to sleep, eat and party. It’s slightly more affordable here and it’s still picturesque, as you’re on the banks of the Alzette River.




Limpertsberg is in the north of the city, and whilst there aren’t many hotels here, it’s a popular area to visit for the Grand Theatre and the National Resistance Museum. This is also where you can find the famous bronze sculpture of the ‘Political Prisoner’, and the annual Schueberfouer Fair. There are a few B&B’s tucked away in the town houses, but again it is largely residential.


South Bonnevoie


This is one of the biggest quarters in the city, with many of Luxembourg’s citizens living on the outskirts. Bonnevoie station is also in this district, as well as a handful of mid range hotels.




Belair is in the north west of the city, and like Bonnevoie, this is a very popular residential area. There aren’t many hotels here.