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Car Hire in Valencia Airport

This information is correct as of June 2015

This Venezuelan airport is also known as Arturo Michelena International Airport -Arturo Michelena was one of the country’s most famous painters. There’s a huge choice of outdoor adventures to be had in Venezuela, whether you’re a beach bunny or an outdoor sport enthusiast.

Where to hire a car in Valencia airport

Amigos and Avis are the only car hire providers at Valencia airport, and there are only a few options for renting medium sized cars from these providers. You can find these stalls on the ground floor of departure. If you want to rent a different type of car, head into the city centre of Valencia.

Petrol stations close to Valencia airport

Depending on your car rental agreement, you may need to hand your car back with a full tank.

There’s a Gasolinera 10 minutes from the airport – head west on Avenida Iribarren Borges, and head right onto Avenida Ernesto Branger. Keep left, taking the exit onto Route 1, and then take the exit onto Via de Servicia. Turn right into the service station.

Driving around Valencia airport

The airport is located to the east of the city of Valencia. As soon as you exit the airport, you’ll be driving through the outer suburbs of the city, unless you choose to drive south around the lake.

There are a whole host of destinations you can get to from Valencia airport, including the lake to the right and the mountains to the east. In the north, you have the Caribbean sea, whereas the south of Venezuela you have the tropical jungle waiting for you.

Valencia city centre

This is the capital city of Carabobo, and whilst it’s one of the oldest cities here (founded in 1555) it also has a booming industrial scene. The airport is close by to some of the industrial estates, whereas Downtown Valencia has the Old Town charm typical of South American cities.

To get to Valencia’s city centre, turn right when you exit the airport and follow the road until you get to Avenida Industrial. Take the third left, and head straight along this road. When you get to the crossroads, turn left, and at the next junction, turn right to get into the city. The roads are more clearly marked in the city, however the roads leading out of the airport are harder to navigate. There are car parks in the city centre, and on-street parking isn’t always easy to find.

You can also continue on Avenida Industrial until you reach highway 1, then turn left to reach the north of the city centre. This is also the route you should take if you need to reach San Diego.

Lake Valencia

Lake Valencia is the second largest lake in Venezuela, and you’ll probably have seen it on your way in. There are one or two hotels and lodges around the lake if you fancy getting away from it all, and the best bit is that the lake is 5 minutes from the airport. Head left on Avenida Industrial onto route 11 to do a southern circuit around the lake.

Casupo County Park

It takes less than an hour to reach this beautiful, leafy green part of Valencia. Head north on Avenida Industrial until you reach Highway 1, and turn right to follow this road north. Take the exit for Calle 139, and follow this road into the Le Alegria neighbourhood. There are supermarkets nearby if you fancy picking up some snacks before exploring.

Puerto Cabello

Fancy a dip in the Caribbean sea? Head north towards the beautiful beaches of Puerto Cabello.

This is one of the easier places to reach from the airport. Follow Avenida Industrial to the right of the airport, and continue onto Highway 1. This road will take you through the mountains and onto the scenic surrounds of the northern coast – turn right onto Avenida Bartoleme Salom to reach the town, and continue along the coast to discover more beaches.

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