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Hotels in Wroclaw

The capital of Lower Silesia hasn’t yet received the same coverage as Warsaw or Krakow, namely because it’s a much smaller city – but it still has features that are reminiscent of it’s larger siblings. The Old Town still glows with Prussian and Austrian influences, especially in the redeveloped market square, and the Odra River and a number of Gothic buildings frame the rest of the city. You can find hotels nestled into archaic houses, or you could choose of one the modern hotel branches with all of the whistles and bells for your city break in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw City Centre

The city centre sits on an island in the Odra River, jeweled with the Town Hall, Museums and gardens. As it borders the Old Town, most of the architecture continues into the city centre, but it’s neighboured by the commercial districts of Wroclaw too. There are plenty of affordable hostels and B&B’s here, especially in the south near the University, but there are also slick apartments and boutique hotels for a more swish stay near the river.

The Old Town

The Old Town stretches much further west, but most of the main attractions and hotels are closer to the city centre. Check out the apartments in Stare Miasto near the river if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the attractions, whilst still soaking up real Polish culture.

Ostrów Tumski

This is meant to be the heart of Wroclaw; a collection of islands in the centre of the river above the Old Town. It’s said to have been inhabited by Slavic settlers since 9AD, but there are now strong Catholic influences evident on the ‘Cathedral Island’ too. You can walk here from the Old Town, but there are apartments and B&B’s in the north if you fancy staying in a more residential part of Wroclaw too.

Psie Pole

This neighbourhood is further north of the islands, and it’s largely industrial. This means it’s brilliant if you’re here on business, as the hotels are slick and ready for visitors only staying for a few nights.


This is the neighbourhood that’s south east of the Old Town, where you can find Centennial Hall and the Wroclaw Zoo. There are a few family friendly hotels in the north, close to the river, but there are also boltholes for business people in the northwest (there’s a handful of modern hotels with all the facilities you’ll need). The west part of this area also has great access to one of Wroclaw’s main train stations.