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Hotels in Zanzibar

This little gem of an island of the coast of Tanzania is a crowning jewel in the Indian Ocean, with pearlescent beaches, incredible diving opportunities and a truly charming but colourful capital. The Spice Island is well known for growing saffron, as well as being fringed with the most beautiful 5 star resorts – here’s where to find them!

Stone Town

Zanzibar’s capital has always been hugely significant, which is why it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2000. It’s decked in history with influences from Europe, Asia and Africa having an effect on the architecture – the Old Fort and the Palace Museum are must-dos for history lovers and the market can’t be missed either: it’s not called the Spice Island for nothing. There are guesthouses, lodges and hotels in Zanzibar Town to cater to all sorts of budgets, as it is a major transport hub for all of the island.


Nungwi is a dreamy little village in the north of Zanzibar, a 2-hour drive away from Stone Town. Whilst the fishing port is quaint and the bars are very chilled out, the hotels have really begun to flourish in recent years. There are some really luxurious options in the south of Nungwi, but you can also find smaller, more affordable hotels in the north. It does become extremely busy in summer, thanks to the swimming areas, dive centres and aquariums – but these make it perfect for activity filled holidays too.


Kendwa is a smaller fishing village, about 3 kilometres from Nungwi. It’s almost a smaller version of Nungwi – there are epic sunsets, turquoise waters and wonderful diving conditions. However, the hotels are slightly cheaper, and the bars are a little more rowdy (they even host full moon parties here!).


Paje is another fishing village on the south east coast of Zanzibar, well known for it’s kayaking and diving opportunities. There are smaller hotels, apartments and guesthouses here which are also much more affordable, and some even come kitted out for water activities. There are a few beach bars and restaurants for midday refueling too.

Chwaka Bay

Chwaka Village is the largest settlement in Chwaka Bay in central Zanzibar, and this is where you’ll find the most hotels. It’s an area of epic beauty and seclusion, with some 5 star resorts for enjoying those sunsets from the comfort of your own ocean-front bure.


Makunduchi is a largely residential area in the south of Zanzibar, but there are a few high end hotels placed around the coastline. In the very deep south of Zanzibar, there are some truly secluded hotels, which are perfect for honeymooners.