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When is the best time to visit India in 2019

The best time to visit India depends on the region where you are going. This handy guide has tips to help you plan your trip.

From chaotic cities to tranquil temples, flamboyant palaces and crumbling ruins, deserts, beaches and snow capped mountains, India has it all. This variation also applies to its weather so the best time to visit India depends on the area you want to explore.

When is the best time to visit India

At a glance

The Himalayas, Punjab and KashmirFebruary to May
Agra and DelhiOctober to March
KolkataOctober to January
Rajasthan and Central IndiaOctober to March
MumbaiOctober to March
GoaNovember to March
KeralaSeptember to March

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Best time to visit the Himalayas, Punjab and Kashmir 

The hilly regions and foothills of the Indian Himalaya as well as Punjab and Kashmir are at their best from February to May, which is the opposite to the rest of India. This is because during the hot summer months the mountains offer a cool refuge. During the winter months, heavy snow can prevent overland travel.

The best time to visit Northern India

Winter – October to March

Northern India includes the Golden Triangle (New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra), Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi, Rishikesh, and Gaya. The best time to visit Northern India is in the winter months from October until March. This is when the weather will be at its best for sightseeing. This is also off-season so the prices should be a little cheaper too.

New Delhi

Summer – April to June

The summer months of April, May and June are considered the high season in Northern India. The temperatures soar and hot sand-storms are a common occurrence. There will be plenty of domestic tourists about as the schools here shut for summer and the popular destinations become even more crowded. Prices are higher during this time and it is advised that you book your accommodation and travel tickets months in advance.

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Monsoon season – July to September

July, August and September is monsoon season and also the low season in Northern India. This mean fewer crowds and lower prices but lots more rain. Travel can be disrupted and the more remote areas and regions may be harder or impossible to reach. However, this is a fabulous time to travel to see the Northern India in full bloom and teaming wildlife.

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The best time to visit Kolkata

Like most other areas in India, Kolkata is dominated by three main seasons; summer, winter and monsoon. The Bay of Bengal also affects the climate here. Summers (April to May) in this tropical city are usually hot and humid. Monsoon season runs from June until September. The winter months from October to March are the best time to visit Kolkata as the weather is pleasant. Not only that, but the Durga Puja festival is also held in October and this is the grandest celebration in West Bengal. One not to be missed.

The best time to visit Rajasthan and Central India

Summers here are scorching and winters are cold but from October to March the weather in Rajasthan and Central India is agreeable. The temperature varies between 10°c to 27°c so it is a good time to travel around here and get out and explore.

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The best time to visit Mumbai

The best time to visit Mumbai is between the months of October and March. Much like the rest of the country, the weather is better during these months for travelling around and getting out and exploring the cities. Mumbai is sticky and hot in the summer and monsoon season brings torrential downpours.

The best time to visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa is between November and March when the weather is beautifully balmy, the humidity low and there is a cool sea breeze. There is heavy rainfall throughout monsoon season, which runs from June to September. In summer you can look forward to temperature highs of 30°C to 35°C

The best time to visit Kerala

In December, January and February the weather in Kerala is cooler and drier,  but it is a busy time for tourists to visit. During March, April and May the weather is the hot and humid, but this is also the best time for viewing elephants.

June to November is the southwest and northeast monsoon season. However, in September, just after the heaviest rains, the region is vibrant and green and it is a great time to go hiking or exploring the hill stations.

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