Hotels in Montreal

The cultural capital of Quebec is a hot destination for city breaks, especially if you’re a Francophile. The majority of the population in Montreal speaks French as a first language, and they haven’t only borrowed the lexicon – there’s French architecture here and delicious French food too. Aside from the European influences, this is one of North America’s most lively cities with a welcoming LGBT community, two big universities and an excellent entertainment district. The city is divided into 19 boroughs altogether, but it’s a huge city, and the main district travellers flock to is Ville Marie – which can be divided into different neighbourhoods again.


The apartments and cheap hotels in Downtown are excellent crashpads if you’re doing Montreal in a few days (and trying to squeeze in as much nightlife as possible). The university areas are toward the south, so expect plenty of student-led events there, and the main shopping areas, skyscrapers and restaurants are in the centre of Downtown. The hotels on the Golden Mile are pretty pricey, but it’s worth it for the central location.

Old Montreal

This is for all intensive purposes, Montreal’s ‘Old Town’. It’s a brilliant area for days spent in the Bonsecours Market, the Museum and the Science Centre. Although it is an Old Town, it still makes a great destination for families – the horse drawn carriages are plenty of fun, and the Old Port of Montreal is a historic hotspot that also happens to be pretty great entertainment area with an IMAX theatre.

As to be expected, there’s a hotel in old Montreal for all budgets. Check out the 5 star hotels in the beautiful old buildings in the north for a splurge, the family friendly and affordable options in the centre, or the budget hostels fringing the outskirts.


Check out the hotels in Chinatown if you’re an avid fan of the cuisine – this is the third largest Chinatown in North America and there are a huge variety of eateries to choose from.

Quartier Latin Le-Village

The boutique hotels here are trendy, chic, and in keeping with the modern vibe of this district. It’s known as the most LGBT friendly district in the city (even though it’s generally friendly everywhere), so the nightlife has a certain flamboyant touch in some of the areas. It’s still a romantic place to walk around for a coffee in the day – just make sure you’re out of the clubbing districts early.

The Plateau

This neighbourhood is north of Downtown, and it has a slightly bohemian edge – it’s a real mix of cultures, all within an area containing quirky shops, cool architecture and a few green parks for those balmy summer days. There’s plenty of affordable accommodation in this area, perfect for staying just outside of the city in a place with great food and good hotels.


Images by Flickr/Smudge 900