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Car hire from Bradford Regional Airport

This information is correct as of August 2015

Bradford Regional Airport is a small rural airport in the US state of Pennsylvania. It operates regional flights between Bradford and Pittsburgh. You can fly to over 80 destinations from Pittsburgh International Airport.

Where to hire a car in Bradford Regional Airport

Zook Motors have a car hire office located in Bradford Regional Airport, with a number of vehicles you can rent.

Petrol stations close Bradford Regional Airport

Depending on your car rental agreement, you may need to hand your car back with a full tank.

The closest fuel station is 20 minutes away from Bradford Airport. Turn right when you leave the Airport onto the PA 59, then turn right again onto the 219. Follow this road straight until you can make the right hand turn into PA-770 E, which is where the gas station is.

Driving around Bradford Regional Airport

Bradford Regional Airport is a small airport set back out in the country, so you won’t find many major traffic jams here. Bradford Regional Airport runs daily flights to Pittsburgh, PA. The highways around the area allow you to quickly reach Bradford, Smethport, Johnsonburg and Warren.


Bradford is a small town in Pennsylvania, namely visited by residents and those on business. The University of Pittsburgh is also in this area – use Highway 346 to reach the west side of campus, out towards the woods.

To reach Bradford, turn right as you leave the airport, then turn right again to merge onto the 210 moving northbound. Continue for 12 miles to reach Bradford. There are some great car parks near the university buildings, as well as some on street parking – however, some of these are in Pay & Display zones.

If you continue on the 219, you’ll reach the boundary for the state of New York.


This city holds the county seat for Warren, Pennsylvania. The city sits on the Allegheny River and holds the Allegheny Council. It’s more of a common destination for business travellers, than it is for holiday makers.

Bradford Airport is just 40 minutes from the city of Warren. Turn right as you leave the airport to join Highway 59, and continue on this road for 25 minutes, until you reach the cross roads for Highway 6. Turn right here, and continue onto Warren. There are 1 or 2 major Pay & Display car parks in the centre of Warren, but most small businesses have on street parking available near their address.

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