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Car Hire at Vigo Airport

This information is correct as of November 2015

Whether you want to make a world famous pilgrimage, party in Porto or escape to the outdoors in Vigo, you can find the best car hire at Vigo Airport with Skyscanner.

Where to hire a car at Vigo Airport

There are three car hire companies with desks at Vigo Airport: Avis, Enterprise and Europecar. All of the desks are inside the terminal, so you don’t need to go far to pick up your car.

Petrol stations near Vigo Airport

Depending on your car rental agreement, you may need to hand your car back with a full tank. The nearest petrol station to Vigo Airport is a Repsol garage located 16 minutes by car. Take the E1 from the airport and take the AP-9V to Estrada Porto in Vigo. Take exit 4 and the petrol station will be on the left hand side.

Driving around Vigo Airport

Vigo Airport is well connected to the region’s main roads. The main town of Vigo is just 9km from the airport. The AP-9 is the main highway leading north, south and east to Pontevedra, O Porino and Vigo respectively. It also connects to the A52 to the east and towns like Ourense.

Getting to your destination

We’ve put together a quick guide on getting to the most popular destinations from Vigo Airport.

Santiago de Compostela

Whether you’re a pilgrim or a walker, reaching the town of Santiago de Compostela is a breath-taking experience. Elegant stone streets stretch out around the medieval heart of the old city hiding a treasure trove of tapas bars, tavernas, cafes and restaurants. Climb the stairs of the magical cathedral (an architectural masterpiece) for the best views or simply stroll its historic centre, looking for the best seafood, taking in the Romanesque-Baroque architecture as you go. 21st century shops mingle with the thousand year old palaces and cobbled squares while walking, biking and horseriding are just some of the wonderful outdoor pursuits on offer in this holy gem.
Santiago de Compostela is just over an hour’s drive from Vigo Airport. Get on the E1 then the AP-9 from the airport. Take exit 72 for the SC-11 and follow this to Santiago de Compostela.


Romantic, passionate Porto is a riot of colour from the custard yellow trams to the rainbow painted houses that climb high into the surrounding hills. Medieval streets support tumbledown buildings while the brilliant sunshine illuminates the bustling plazas of the old town with their lively cafes, bars and restaurants. Porto is perfect for a feisty or romantic weekend getaway with plenty of nightlife and nearby beach walks to be had. Get soulful with an evening of Fado or shop in the cosmopolitan boutiques before popping into one of the city’s many, and famous, cellars for locally made port and stunning cuisine. Outdoor music, festivals, markets, lush green parks and dance performances give Porto a year round party feel. What could be better?
Porto is just an hour and a half’s drive from Vigo Airport. Get on the E1 form the airport and on to the AP-9V from Estrada Porto. Follow it to the A3. From here take Route 5 and follow signs to the city centre. There will be a toll and a border crossing on this route.


Gritty yet cultured, Vigo is an explorer’s city. Climb up to the Casco Vello, or Old Town, where shops and views, a lovely park and cafes make it well worth the walk. Surrounded by a beautiful shoreline, Vigo boasts untamed ocean views as well as lush forests sweeping in the other direction. Those who love outdoor pursuits will love swimming, hiking and walking here. The climbing cobbled streets of the old town lure locals and visitors alike to their lively bars and restaurants by night with the promise of stunning seafood, sea breezes and sunsets. A strong coffee and bustling morning markets will make up for an evening excesses.
It takes just 15 minutes to reach Vigo by car from the airport. Get on the E-1 then the AP-9V from the airport and take exit 4 towards Vigo. Follow the signs to the centre. There is not much free parking to be had in Vigo, even on street parking in general is limited partly due to the lack of space in the historic centre. The best bet is to use one of the many outdoor and underground car parks on offer around the city. Charges start from €1.50 per hour. Some hotels in Vigo also offer free parking.

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