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Car Hire at Zagreb Airport

This information is correct as of November 2015

Whether you want to see the white stone city of Zadar, visit the stunning lakes of Ljubljana or explore your hedonistic side in Zagreb, you can find the best car hire at Zagreb Airport with Skyscanner.

Where to hire a car at Zagreb Airport

There are fifteen car hire companies with desks at Zagreb Airport: Nova, Last Minute, UniRent, UniLine, Dollar, Avis, Oryx, HM, Fleet, Filipovic, Autorent, Best, Enterprise, Hertz and Sixt. All of the desks are inside the terminal, so you don’t need to go far to pick up your car.

Petrol stations near Zagreb Airport

Depending on your car rental agreement, you may need to hand your car back with a full tank.

Luckily there is a Lukoil petro l station located just 6 minutes by car from Zagreb Airport. Head southwest on the D408 and stay in the right hand lane. The petrol station will be on the right hand side.

Driving around Zagreb Airport

Zagreb Airport is well connected to the region’s main roads. Almost all highways (motorway; autocesta in Croatian) in Croatia start or end in Zagreb.
Travellers from Vienna can pass by Graz and Maribor and then take the A2 highway upon entering Croatia. Mind the toll in Slovenia.
Travellers from Budapest can pass by Székesfehérvár and then use the Croatian A4 motorway. It also connects Varaždin.
Travellers heading from Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey can use the Croatian A3 motorway to reach Zagreb.
Travellers heading from Ljubljana can use the A3.
Travellers coming from the west - Italy, as well as Rijeka or Istria - can use the A7 motorway (near and bypassing Rijeka), A6 motorway (Rijeka-Bosiljevo) and then the A1 (Bosiljevo-Zagreb).
Those travelling from Italy can bypass the expensive motorway toll in Slovenia by using the state route SS21 through Trieste, route E61 through Slovenia (in a bad shape) and then A7 south to Rijeka, then Rijeka bypass, then A6 east to Bosiljevo and A1 northeast to Zagreb.
Travellers heading from the south - Dalmatian coast (Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, ...) or from Montenegro - can use the A1 highway, often combined with the state roads D8 (by the coastline) and D1 (through the hinterland).
To use highways in Croatia you must pay a toll either in Croatian national currency, the Kuna, or in Euro.

Getting to your destination

We’ve put together a quick guide on getting to the most popular destinations from Zagreb Airport.


Perched on the Dalmatian Coast and almost entirely surrounded by the azure Adriatic, Zadar’s dazzling white stone Old Town is filled with medieval churches, unusual museums and welcoming bustling cafes. Not on the tourist trail, Zadar, with its Habsburg elegance, has a laid-back vibe. Laze on pine-scented beaches, explore shops that line marble streets, get out into the mountains for rock climbing, hiking and swimming or simply settle down in a hip bar and soak up an extraordinary sunset.
Zadar is just under three hour by car from Zagreb Airport. Get on the E65/E70/E72 from the D30. Follow the E71 to Islam Latinski taking exit 17 for Zadar. Follow the signs for the city centre.


Compact Ljubljana may be small but it packs a punch in terms of beauty and culture. Its beautiful old town is filled with bars and restaurants giving it the energy of a much bigger city. Its nightlife is as lively as any European city but has a wonderful Mediterranean flavour running through it. Visually, the remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire have left a legacy of stunning architecture and mouth-watering cuisine. Film festivals, club nights and a world class art museum give Ljubljana the cultural edge while its surrounding lakes and mountains are a paradise for outdoor lovers.
It takes just an hour and a half to reach Ljubljana, in Slovenia, by car from Zagreb Airport. Get on the E70 from the D30 then follow this to the A2 Route 106 in Ljubljana. Take exit 32 from the A2 for the city centre.


This Croatian beauty still boasts remnants from its days under the Ottoman Empire with Viennese twists to a very much Croatian city. Chic bars and restaurants line elegant streets to a backdrop of spectacular Mount Medvednica that looms over the north side of the city. The exquisite medieval old town is a jumble of cobbles and winding streets that make exploring a delight as you uncover sophisticated cafes (a welcome leftover from the Empire) that give Vienna a run for their money; fabulous museums, lush green squares and beautiful Austro-Hungarian architecture. Warm summer evenings mean dining al fresco or hopping from bar to bar and club to club in hedonistic East European fashion.
It takes just half an hour to reach Zagreb from the airport. Get on the D408 from the airport then get on to the D30 following signs for Zagreb city centre.
Parking in Zagreb is done in three zones. Parking in the central Red Zone costs 6HRK per hour; in the outlying Yellow Zone, 3HRK per hour and in the outer Green Zone just 1.5HRK per hour. Whole day rates are 100, 60 and 20HRK respectively. Parking is charged from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. You can pay for hourly parking by inserting coins into the nearby parking meter or by texting your registration number to the number shown on the parking sign. Zagreb also has a choice in indoor garages and outdoor car parks. Some hotels in Zagreb also offer free parking.

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