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easyJet’s cabin baggage allowance

Never worry about exceeding your easyJet hand luggage limit again! Here are the full facts: how many carry-on items are you allowed, what size bags are permitted and what is easyJet's hand luggage weight limit? And keeping reading for tips on how to avoid easyJet's baggage fees.

easyJet hand luggage allowance: size, weight and fees

easyJet cabin bag size easyJet hand luggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized hand luggage
56x45x25cm including handles and wheels

45x36x20cm placed under the seat in front of you for Flexi, Upfront, Extra Legroom customers & easyJet Plus cardholders 

No weight restrictions One hand luggage bag and one duty-free shopping bag purchased at the airport €52 at bag drop desk

€60 at boarding gate

easyJet hold luggage allowance: size, weight and fees

easyJet hold baggage size easyJet hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of easyJet hold luggage
Total size of all bags must be under 275cm – add the length, width and height of bag to calculate this


or 23kg

up to 32kg max

Up to 3 items of hold luggage per passenger Online 15kg 9.09 € – 45.49 €

up to 23kg 12.34 € – 48.74 €

At the airport €52 – 60

These fees can vary depending on the route you’re flying

Stack of suitcases

FAQs about easyJet‘s cabin baggage allowance and how to avoid extra charges

What about easyJet Plus, FLEXI fare or Upfront and Extra Legroom customers?

You’re are allowed to bring one extra small bag which can easily fit under the seat in front of you, though this must measure no more than 45 x 36 x 20cm. While this may seem like good news, it should be noted that not all bags are guaranteed to remain in the cabin. Especially when it comes to busy or fully booked flights.

Is my hand luggage guaranteed on board?

Man with luggage at the airport

On many busy flights, and where everyone has come on board with small suitcases, the cabin staff may offer to put your bag in the hold an no extra cost. If no one offers to take them up on this then they may be forced to place the hand luggage of the last remaining passengers in the hold under the plane. Essentially, once the overhead bins are full, they are full. So not all cabin baggage is guaranteed!

While it’s a positive that the bags will be stowed free of charge, it’s not so great when your precious hand luggage with expensive personal items gets thrown in the cargo with everything else. So, keep this in mind and consider boarding earlier. Most importantly, take the laptop and smartphone out before they take your bag from you.

So how do I ensure my bag stays in the cabin with me?

Follow these simple baggage tips!

What type of bag is best?

Cabin crew putting cabin baggage in overhead locker

If you want to make sure your bag will fit into the overhead lockers, it may be time to buy a smaller travel bag. While small, wheelie cabin bags are the hand luggage of choice for most of us, the wheel mechanism actually makes them one of the biggest kind and take up the most space in the overhead bins. Travelling with one ups your chances of being asked to stow your baggage in the hold beneath the plane at the last minute.

Small backpacks and rucksacks are easier to stuff into full overhead lockers. So, swap your wheelie case for one of these and you’ll rarely have problems when flying with budget airlines.

Want more advice on finding the perfect cabin baggage? Check out our guide to hand luggage sizes and weight restrictions.

Do I have to buy a new bag?

Woman walking at the airport

Let’s not panic. Of course you don’t have to buy a new travel bag. You can absolutely carry on with your much-loved miniature suitcase if that is what you are happiest with. The only downside is that there is a chance you will not get to keep your bag with you, so be prepared for that.

Queue up fast to avoid having to part with your precious luggage, as it is normally the last few people in the boarding queue that will have their bags taken at the gate. If the worst comes to the worst, you will simply have to wait at the baggage carousel on arrival to get your bag.

How do I pack light?

Woman packing hand luggage

If you’re heading away for a weekend and only planning to take hand luggage with you, there really isn’t that much you need to pack. Packing light is all about thinking hard about what you really need – the bare essentials – and leaving everything else behind. You probably don’t need three different pairs of shoes, and two jackets is almost certainly a little excessive. If you say to yourself “I might wear this” then leave it at home. There is no room in hand luggage for clothes or shoes that fall into the “might wear” category.

If there are a few items that you simply cannot leave behind, but worry there is no space for them, you have two options: try to wear your biggest, bulkiest clothes to the airport, or unpack your bag and then roll everything. You will be surprised how much more you can fit in when you roll.

Be sure to read out our 15 packing tips for more helpful advice.

Should I just check in my bag?

Man waiting for his suitcase in the baggage claim

Sometimes spending a few extra euros can actually save you a whole lot of stress. If you have your heart set on bringing your favourite perfume, your special moisturising conditioner, hair straighteners and a different bikini for every day of the week, why not just check your bag in?

While checking in your bags is obviously going to cost you more, just think how comfortable you’ll be at the airport, wearing what you like and not having to lug a big bag around. Think about when you’re on holiday, knowing you won’t need to buy all the essentials you were unable to pack due to frustrating cabin luggage rules. In addition, if you leave some room in your bag you can also bring back plenty of souvenirs from your trip!

If you can’t save on baggage, you can always save on flights. Read 9 experts tips for booking cheap flights in 2019.

Is it worth upgrading?

Man with laptop in an Extra Legroom seat

Consider upgrading to seats at the front of the plane or to the Extra Legroom seats. Or get Speedy Boarding, which gets you on the plane first and your pick of prime overhead locker space. If you’re a frequent flyer, joining the easyJet Plus scheme is a great option. You’ll benefit from being allowed to bring one extra small bag with you on the plane and will always get Speedy Boarding. Plus, you’ll get fast track through security and, at some airports, access to a dedicated bag drop desk.

Here’s how to beat the easyJet cabin baggage rules in 7 steps.

Should I wear my luggage?

Woman wearing bulky jacket

We don’t mean trying to persuade the air hostess that the oversized suitcase balancing on your head is some sort of new fashion trend. We’re talking about wearing the clothes rather than packing them. Wear the runners, pack the flip flops, that sort of thing. If you are feeling a bit broke and are totally hopeless at packing light, this could be a good option for you. But it will make for one uncomfortable journey and you may get some funny looks as to why you are walking around wearing four jumpers, a sarong around your head and two pairs of sunglasses in the middle of Barcelona airport. Not quite the first impression you were hoping for!

Don’t get caught out. We reveal 10 things that you can’t pack in your hand luggage.

Should I just use another airline?

Cabin crew talking to a passenger on a plane

If you reach your wit’s end with rolling, cramming and stuffing a week’s wardrobe into a tiny rucksack, then you might decide to take your money elsewhere. EasyJet‘s cabin restrictions might simply be too restrictive to still be enjoyable, so feel free to fly with another airline. Be warned though, many airlines these days have very similar restrictions.

If money is no issue then you won’t have any problem picking another flight, but you might have to dish out a lot more euro. As mean as easyJet’s baggage allowance might seem, it is actually pretty generous compared to other budget airlines out there. Some now charge for hand luggage that’s bigger than a laptop!

Row of suitcases

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*Updated July 2019. Whilst information was correct at the time of publication, we’d recommend that you check the details with the airline or OTA before booking.

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